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Know and Understand
The Freedman History

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About Our

To ensure that the broken promises of Reconstruction are fulfilled for today’s American Freedmen.

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Average Net Worth



Average Net Worth

Brookings Institute:
Examining the Black-white wealth gap
Kriston McIntosh, Emily Moss, Ryan Nunn, and Jay Shambaugh February 27, 2020



Median Liquid Assets by Race & Income Quintile



Median Liquid Assets by Race & Income Quintile

Source: Adoo, Fenaba and Darity, William Jr. analysis of the Federal Reserve Board, 2019 Survey of Consumer Finances

Our 12 Point Agenda

1. By way of the 13th Amendment in 1865, our enslaved American ancestors were freed from private bondage Nationally.

2. We demand that the federal government Reestablish the Freedmen’s Bureau


3. We demand the immediate and complete De-Confederatization of the United States of America.

4. We demand a Reconstructive Freedmen Agenda which consists of a fully funded program to facilitate a State repatriation program for the Freedmen.


Operation proclamation is a nationwide Freedmen initiative which ensures that local and State Governments recognize the lost found Freedmen status. To get involved, you can click the volunteer button below


Nyhiem Way, President, poses with Mayor Kelly Girtz of Athens Ga after receiving Freedmen Recognition Day proclamation


Get involved and be part of the movement

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