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Our  Agenda


By way of the 13th Amendment in 1865, our enslaved American ancestors were freed from private bondage Nationally. Congress passed the Freedmen's Acts of 1865 and 1866 on behalf of these, our Freedmen ancestors. As their direct descendants, we demand to be recognized by the federal government, it's Office of Management and Budget in it's Federal Directive as American Freedmen.



We demand that the federal government Reestablish the Freedmen’s Bureau with satellite branches in States where the Bureau is needed


We demand the immediate and complete De-Confederatization of the United States of America. No child in Germany is forced to attend schools named after Adolf Hitler or drive down a road named in honor of the Nazi regime or its officers. By the same token, no American child should be made to attend public schools named in honor of Confederate war criminals, no patriotic American soldier should serve in the United States military on bases named in honor of traitorous insurgent anti-federalists.


We demand a Reconstructive Freedmen Agenda which consists of a fully funded program to facilitate a State repatriation program for the American Freedmen. This program will also provide the resources necessary for this relocation back to their Southern States of origin where American Freedmen were forced to escape due to Government sanctioned domestic terrorism and State oppression. These States are Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware.



We demand a complete analysis on immigration and the effects that it has on the American Freedmen today, and historically



We demand a broad Reparations program that focuses on Closing the American Freedmen wealth gap.



As per the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments, we demand full, unimpeded access to the Democratic process via voting unhindered at the local and federal levels.



We demand that local municipal police departments in each State be abolished and all policing power be vested in the Sheriff's departments, State Troopers and U.S. Marshalls departments.



We demand economic inclusion in the country that our ancestors built with ownership being the core focus and contracts (locally and federally) proportionate to our population.


Doctors have been to Black women what police have been to Black men. American Freedmen have endured the burdens of discriminatory practices in Healthcare and so we demand policy which addresses and treats discrimination in Healthcare as the urgent national matter it is.


We demand proper educational standards for teaching true American history and for the Federal Government to make an investment in private American Freedmen schools for a better education for the descendants of the those responsible for the Nations wealth



We demand a complete judicial review of the Reconstruction Amendments. We also demand the policies as drafted and/or ratified during Reconstruction be reestablished with updates to address the failures of the initial program which will aid in the process of closing the generational wealth gap

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