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About Us

Our Organization

To ensure that the broken promises of Reconstruction are fulfilled for today’s American Freedmen.

Our Mission

The United Sons & Daughters of Freedmen is an Organization dedicated to the purpose of honoring the memory of its Freedmen ancestors; protecting, preserving and marking the places made historic by Freedmen blood and heroism; collecting and preserving the material for a truthful history of the institution of chattel slavery, the overthrowing of Congressional Reconstruction and events thereafter; recording the participation of Freedmen in their patient endurance of hardship and patriotic devotion during and after the Civil War; fulfilling the sacred duty of benevolence toward the surviving families of American slavery and subsequent atrocities; assisting descendants of emancipated slaves in securing a proper education; honoring the service of veterans from all wars as well as active duty military personnel and cherishing the ties of friendship among the members of the organization.

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