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Biden Didn’t Have Black Americans Back In His State of The Union Speech

Two things have remained unchanged in President Biden’s political history. One is his willingness to reach across the aisle, trying diligently to work with Republicans even at the behest of grave compromise. Second is President Biden’s avaricious approach to crime associated with American Freedmen in urban areas throughout the US. On

February 7, 2023 Biden did not pivot from the moderate, Right leaning brand of politics he’s known for. Biden began his address by congratulating new Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell for being the longest serving active member in Congress. Biden gave praise to Republicans for signing the Infrastructure Bill and 300 bipartisan pieces of legislation.

While describing his economic plan Biden said, “my economic plan is about investing in places and people that have been forgotten.” This would have been the perfect time to introduce a bold plan for eliminating American Freedmen historical barriers to success, but even after witnessing first hand how his Democratic predecessor Barack Obama’s rising tide lifts all boats strategy, drowned out black wealth, Biden seems to be sticking with trickle down economics.

There was no mention of fighting for his student loan forgiveness plan, an issue that many of Biden’s black supporters singled out during the presidential elections as their number one issue. If there was any time to express tremendous disappointment like Rep Majorie Taylor Green was all night, it was when Biden introduced Tyree Nichols’ mother and stepfather, empathizing with the death of their son, while advocating that most police officers are good people who need more support. Biden’s words exactly were, “I know most cops and their families are good, decent, honorable people — the vast majority. But they risk — and they risk their lives every time they put that shield on. But what happened to Tyre in Memphis happens too often. We have to do better. Give law enforcement the real training they need, hold them to higher standards, help them succeed in keeping us safe.” There was no talk of ending qualified immunity, no talk of diverting a percentage of police budgets to community oversight boards or even

reducing the budgets of police forces who continuously violate citizens' rights. Biden

tiptoed around the police accountability subject as if his crime bills did not incentivize

police to transgress the rights of America's most vulnerable citizens. Yet Biden told this awkward story about not having to give the talk to his children of encountering law enforcement officers like so many Black American parents have grown accustomed to. While Biden crime bills were ravaging Black Americans all over the country, his son Hunter Biden used his white privilege and affluence, indulging in crack-cocaine binges, while then Senator Joe Biden pointed to black males in urban areas as the source of America's drug problem.

While President Biden doesn’t have a plan to make policing in America safer, he does have a plan for going after struggling individuals who fraud the government out of

PPP loan money. President Biden wants to double the Anti-Fraud Strike Force and double the statute of limitations. What happened to all the Black voters that claimed they would hold Biden’s administration accountable? Republicans shot down H.R. 1, Republicans shot down Student Loan Forgiveness, yet President Biden spent half his speech praising members from across the aisle. If there was anything to learn from President Biden’s State Of The Union address is that he doesn’t have Black Americans' back. Whatever Black voters need from Biden’s administration they’ll have to fight him for it.


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